What is a Solid Lotion Bar?

First things first, understand the basics of moisturizers. Most moisturizers serve the purpose of holding onto water in the outer layer of skin, so in other words not allowing water to escape, which in turn keeps things looking and feeling more hydrated.

So what is a solid lotion bar? 

Solid lotion bars are essentially a block of solid lotion. These types of lotion bars produce less waste and can be used directly on the skin. Lotion bars typically stay solid at room temperature and come in a variety of scents and designs. 

Many of them may even resemble bars of soap, but in fact they are body lotion. These really are a fun play on your typical creamy (liquid-based), rub on lotions. In fact many DIYers or sellers of solid lotion bars are putting natural exfoliants in them as well to do double duty.
Typically the oils that produce these solid bars of lotion are ones with lower melt points, which means they will easily start to melt when they are exposed to your skin and your own body heat. The goal is to also use oils and percentages of oils that will readily and more easily absorb into the skin, so not to leave your skin with that "greasy" feel. 
The number of ingredients used is typically very small, which is another reason these are so great. Often-times "less is more" and we feel when it comes to stay on body lotions, this is the case! Who wants a bunch of synthetic ingredients sitting and absorbing into their skin?!

What Is So Special About Lotion Bars?

1. They Are Eco-Friendly
Having a lotion bottle lying around is convenient, specially one small enough that you can pack in your purse or keep in your vehicle. 
However, the waste that is produced from drug store lotions is concerning. Most plastic(s) are not recycled and are actually dumped in landfills, and don't break down easily. 
More importantly are "microplastics" that are commonly found in personal care and cosmetic formationsThese are particle size and shapes, that help to get a certain "feel".  Point is, it's not just the packaging, it's the product itself that is potentially harmful.
Many lotion bars are made in eco-friendly packaging, since the lotion itself has no container it reduces a lot of the plastic waste associated with a typical lotion bottle. 
2. Men & Women can use them especially just out out of the shower!
In today's world of skin-care, it goes without saying the importance of moisturizing, but when? Probably the best times to moisturize is after a a shower, shave or even exfoliating session. Be mindful that the percentages of oils and butters may vary with each lotion bar.  Relatively speaking, they will begin to melt within about 30 seconds - 1 minute of your body heat exposure. 
Simply holding them in the palms of your hands, or if you have just run a hot shower, the steam will help this process along. 
3. Contains Far Fewer Toxins and Impurities 
Keep in mind, one of the biggest benefits of solid lotion bars is their natural ingredients. Many commercial lotions are filled to the brim with toxins and other chemicals. It is hard to even pronounce some of the ingredients listed in lotion bottles, right? This is less of a problem with lotion bars, as they are made from mostly natural oils and butters. 
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