Refillable Candles

If you have bought from us before and are wanting a candle refill, we have our range of luxuriously scented handmade soy candle refills specifically designed to fit our signature candle vessels, time after time.

For refills we have 2 options at present: You can drop off your glasses to us at our local pop up markets, this give you the opportunity to either: 

  • Purchase a new candle(s) at a discounted rate. OR 
  • Purchase a refill that will slip into your glass. If we don't have your scent in stock, you can purchase a refill using our form below with a flat fee of £3.99 for postage. (These will be handmade and sent out to you).


Order Refills: Candle Refill form.

We always look to update the scents we have in stock and we also update with seasonal scents when available too, be sure to keep a lookout! 

For any questions please feel free to contact me for more information: